The importance of a quality zipper

There is a wide variety of zippers to choose from out there. They are used in clothing, bags and all different types of gear. When the zipper fails the product often becomes useless.

In order to give the end user a less expensive product it may be tempting to cut cost on the zipper as it’s a detail which is often overlooked by the consumer. We’re of a different opinion


The devil is in the details and the tent is only as strong as its weakest point. We put clear emphasis on a high quality zipper. It must meet the same high standards that you set for the other parts of the tent, such as the flysheet, poles, straps etc. If not, the overall assessment of the tent becomes poorer and optimal choices with the other details lose significance.


That is why we have chosen the YKK zipper for all our product line. The brand dates back to 1934 and is world renowned for its strength, durability and reliability. The YKK is a zipper to be trusted throughout the lifespan of the tent.