NORTENT Ultralight tentstove

NORTENT Ultralight tentstove

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NORTENT ultralight collapsible stove makes life in a tent a very comfortable experience. The stove made of titanium weighs only 1,7 kilograms and it's our desire to bring an efficient wood-burning stove in your backpack without taking too much space or weight. NORTENT stove is designed for use in our tents but can also be used in other tents that are adapted to use a wood-stove.


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  • Pipe

    Select the length of the pipe to 2m or 2,7m

  • Raincap with extra spark arrestor.

    The raincap prevent some rain coming into the pipe. In addition it gives an extra protection against sparks. (+73g)

    ( + 26 USD )
  • Titanium side shelves and Cooking grate

    With these (2 pcs) you expand your cooking oppurtunities. (+660g)

    ( + 63 USD )

NORTENT ultralight collapsible stove makes life in a tent to a very comfortable experience. The stove made of titanium weights only 1,7 kilograms and is our desire to be able to bring an efficient wood-burning stove in your backpack without either taking too much space or weight. NORTENT stove is designed for use with our tents. But could also be used in other tents which are adapted to use a wood-stove.


The stove provides a comfortable temperature and atmosphere inside the tent regardless of the outside environment. The stove is also a natural area for cooking. Here you have the opportunity to prepare food and boil water. Various cooking appliances become redundant and you save space and weight in the backpack.


It also gives you new opportunities with your wet and damp clothing where you are able to dry up regardless of the weather outside. The wood-stove will keep the condensation and moisture in the tent at bay. It comes with both a sleeve for the pipe and a bag for the stove itself, to conveniently distribute the space in the backpack if desired. Our stove measures 397*210*180 mm (l*w*h). It's small but big enough to burn with regular wood. The elongated but conscious shape of the stove creates a very good air flow with good opportunity to regulate heat and draft according to your desire.




The stove is designed with three windows. One at the front and two along the sides. Watching the live flames adds to the atmosphere and leaves you with a nice, peaceful feeling.

Includes both damper and spark arrestor.


Expand your cooking experience with the optional solid grill grate and side shelves. With these you are able to transform your stove into a grill or use the side shelves to better organize your cooking.

The two side shelves can be purchased as an option with the stove. These are easily hooked on each side of the stove and expand the cooking possibilities and the organization of cooking. The side shelves also work well for secondary heating to keep food warm.

The side shelves can also be used as a grill grate where the stove is turned into a super light grill that you can carry with you in most places. The air valve in the front of the stove creates an air intake in such a way that you can adjust the effect of the heat when you are grilling.

With an optinal raincap/ top-hat you are able to better secure the pipe from heavy winds with the attached fasteners. In addition it prevents some rain into the pipe and at the same time act as an extra spark arrestor.


The thickness of the titanium used in the stove is 0.6 mm thick. It is not uncommon for thin titanium walls to twist/warp slightly when it gets hot. However, we have added reinforcements in the top and bottom plate to minimize the twisting/warping of the metal when it gets hot.

In addition, the reinforcement at the bottom lifts the logs/ burning material up from the base plate so that you get air under them. This is to make combustion more efficient.

A spark arrestor and a damper are fitted in the detachable neck. The damper helps to regulate the air flow through the chimney so that the combustion can thus be regulated, or stopped completely. A collapsible stove is not airtight, and is thus completely dependent on the stove having a good suction up through the chimney to prevent smoke from seeping out of other places. The suction from the chimney prevents smoke from "leaking" out into the "room" With this in mind. It is very important to make sure that the stove has enough air flow. Therefore, avoid the damper "choking" the air passage too much. If you prevent too much air flow out through the chimney, the smoke will find other exits in the stove.

The grid in the spark arrestor, which is fixed in the chimney neck, has an optimal ratio between air flow and stopping sparks. When firing pine and spruce vigorously, you may expect some sparks to escape through the chimney. Therefore, always set up the chimney and the tent in the wind direction so that there is the least possible risk of any sparks ending up on the tent walls. It is no crisis at all If you were to get a spark on the tent-fabric. The tent fabric will not ignite, but you will get a small melting hole. However, the melt hole can be easily sealed with a drop of silicone. Some people get the occasional spark on the tent. Others experience never getting a spark on the tent fabric.


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