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Seamsealing. What? Why?

We recommend to seamseal the seams on the silnylon-tents to achieve 100% waterproofnes on the seams. And yes. We get it! You just bought a quality, high-end tent, and of course you expect the seams to be waterproof from the factory. In fact, most that previously have bough a generic tent, got the tent with 100% waterproof seams from the factory. Where the seams have been taped waterproof . So. What is going on? This is, however, only the case with PU(polyurethane)-coated tents. Not siliconized tents like NORTENTS Siliconized fabric is coated and impregnated with silicone. As you may know, nothing sticks to silicone. This is also why it is not possible to tape the seams waterproof as the tape simply do not stick to the seams. Thus why seamsealing on siliconized fabric is only possible when applying silicone to the tent as only silicone sticks to silicone. Further. This can only be done by hand as the silicone needs about 24 hours to fully dry. From a manufacturer point of view it would steal unforgiven resources from the production- process which is why it is more appropriate that end-user take care of thiss process. With that said. We use all techniques available to make the seams as dense as possible. The seams are sewn with both a special expandable thread and a special cooled needle to reduce the pinholes caused by the needle.