Arctic vs Extreme

Many of our products come with two options for the fabric used in our tents. We have chosen to divide this into two series. Arctic and Extreme series. The Arctic series consists of products that have very good durability, quality and strength. But still.. We have the opportunity to further increase the strength and durability of the fabric and materials. This is our Extreme series. This is absolutely the rawest fabric possible in terms of strength, durability and quality. However, this upgrade comes at a cost. Both for us as a producer, and for you as a consumer. We therefore think that it makes sense that you should have some options based on your needs. If you are looking for the absolute rawest we can offer, our Extreme series is the thing for you. If you do not want the rawest there is but still have a high degree of strength and durability, the Arctic series may be a good choice.

The table below shows some of the differences between the two series sorted by NORTENT fabric and the corresponding product.